Hunting information per country

We at ASM believe to promote Africa, not only as a destination for sustainable and legal hunting, but as a tourist destination, benefitting both the traveler to Africa, and the economic wellbeing of the county being visited.

Therefore, the Hunting Outfitters offering tailor made hunting, photographic and tourism packages, are the best ambassadors to offer detailed and up to date information. Not only information on the climate, terrain and equipment requirements for available plains game and big five species to be hunted, but also up to date information regarding travelling, permits and licenses for specific countries and provinces within countries. Combining your hunting experience with visits to National Parks and other tourist destination for yourself and your travelling companions, will most certainly round off an unforgettable experience in Africa.

BURKINA FASO Hunting Information

Burkina Faso, means “country of honest men”, was formerly known as “Haute-Volta” under the French Colonial Empire. Like many of the former French colonies in Africa, Burkina Faso is one of the safest countries on the African continent where hunting and tourism thrive thanks to continued peace and a secure economy. Burkina Faso has become one of the principal destinations for small and big game hunting in West Africa…

NAMIBIA Hunting Information

Namibia, formerly known as South West Africa, has a rich and interesting history. At one time the British Empire took partial possession of Namibia and later the Germans colonized the country until the First World War. Namibia was then placed under the administrative rule of South Africa and was finally granted independence on March 21,

MOZAMBIQUE Hunting Information

It’s been 500 years since the first Europeans arrived in Mozambique. In 1498, six years after the discovery of America, the Portuguese landed in Mozambique and remained there for the ensuing half-millennium until granting Mozambique its independence in 1975. For two decades following independence this poor country experienced an often brutal civil war between two rival factions, one supported by Western interests, the other by Communist interests. Since the end of that war in 1992, Mozambique has been striving to once again become the great hunting destination it once was.

SOUTH AFRICA Hunting Information

South Africa shares a special place in the hearts and minds of many hunters and non-hunters alike. In addition to the world famous Kruger National Park, South Africa is home to nearly 150 other national parks and reserves including those dedicated to nature, marine life, forestry, botany as well as other unique interests. For decades these parks have welcomed millions of visitors each year. The film and television industries have produced hundreds of movies and documentaries on African wildlife which have often been filmed within the parks and reserves of South Africa. All the above has done well to promote South Africa as a kind of Eden where it’s possible to tour comfortably in a 4×4 amid abundant and exotic wildlife, to be able to safely watch predators as they dine on their prey, to observe the big cats in the tall grass or to follow the migration of herbivores…

ZIMBABWE Hunting Information

Given the prevailing political, economic and human rights situation in this country, as a hunter or traveler, one may be tempted to avoid Zimbabwe altogether.

BENIN Hunting Information

Benin, was formerly known as the “Dahomey” under the French Colonial Empire. Benin, with a long tradition of hunting, is located on the west coast of Africa. Benin borders Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger and Nigeria. Like its neighboring Burkina Faso, Benin is one of the safest countries on the African continent where hunting and tourism thrive thanks to continued peace and a secure economy. This stability has enabled Benin to become a major destination for big game hunting in West Africa.

ETHIOPIA Hunting Information

Ethiopia covers a large portion of the Horn of Africa and shares borders with Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti. For decades Ethiopia has been a legendary hunting destination, especially famous for its Elephants. It is also the only country in which one can find the Moutain Nyala as well as hunt the iconic Bongo or Markhor which are as beautiful and exciting as they are challenging.

ZAMBIA Hunting Information

The history of Zambia is closely linked with that of its neighbor, Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia). In 1953 the British government created the Federation of Rhodesia Nyasaland consisting of Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia (modern day Zambia) and the Nyasaland (modern day Malawi)..

BOTSWANA Hunting Information

Botswana is located in Southern Africa. A landlocked country, Botswana borders Namibia to the West, Zambia to the North, Zimbabwe to the Northeast and South African Republic to the South. This former British protectorate gained its independence in 1966.


Hunters around the world have discovered what European big game hunters have long known: that Central African Republic, also known as C.A.R., is a legendary hunting destination. Central African Republic is to West and Central Africa what Tanzania and Zimbabwe are to East Africa. Over the years, Central African Republic has seen a number of political upheavals however hunting has continued on. Today, the presence of the French army provides this former French colony stability and peace.

TANZANIA Hunting Information

Of all the African hunting countries, Tanzania is without a doubt the one that most stimulates the imagination of hunters and non hunters alike. This former German colony once known as Tanganyika became an English territory after the First World War. In 1964, along with new found independence, its’ name was changed to Tanzania.

CAMEROON Hunting Information

Cameroon is also referred to as “Little Africa” due to its’ diversity of habitat; rain forest, forest glades with savannah and savannah with bush veld. Cameroon, like Central African Republic and Tanzania, is a historically significant hunting destination in Africa.