One year anniversary

As we reach the halfway mark of the African hunting season 2019, we invite you to celebrate the first anniversary of AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE with us. In this edition, we feature Tanzania, the Magical Masailand, where the exploits of talented writers like Ruark, Hemingway, Capstick and Smith are still the stuff of legends, and very much alive today.

Divided into three main hunting regions – Masailand, the Selous & Coastal Area and Western Tanzania – hunting is conducted in Game Reserves, around National Parks, in Game Controlled Areas and Wildlife Management Areas. The landscape varies from thorn trees, rocky outcrops and big towering mountains to extensive, great grasslands, where so much is hidden, yet in plain sight. With its eternal landscape of hardwood trees, thorn bush and endless horizons, Tanzania deserves its prominence as one of the best hunting destinations in the whole of Africa for dangerous game.

Tim Herold reports on an exploratory trip to Tanzania to try out a ‘new’ area. Obsessed with the giant buffalo they saw over a six-day period, and a number of close encounters without getting in a shot, he was not disappointed at all with a 38″ old bull with worn bosses and a tank of a body.

One of the most experienced hunters to ever hunt the endless plains of Tanzania, André Roux, tells about eating lunch under the flat-top camel-thorn trees in a vast ocean of white grass and breathing fresh Masailand air. As his adventure with his friend, Jeff, ended, he remarked that we all hunt for our own reasons, but he thinks the one thing a man hunts for most when he is in the wild, is himself.

The double rifle has always been synonymous with dangerous-game hunting. Michael Arnold presents his observations and data to unequivocally state that the Verney-Carron Azur, chambered to .450/.400 3″ Nitro Express, possesses formidable power, yet the design results in a relatively mild recoil, demonstrating amazing accuracy.

Africa has spectacular nature, quarry and hospitality on offer, and is ready to welcome you on your next adventure. Enjoy your reading experience. ASM

Guns and Ammunition Editor – Stefan Fouché