What a journey the last year has been! Actually, it’s more than a year. Moreover, the road ahead is certainly not 100% clear. One big positive is that we have learnt a great deal from this dramatic change the world has undergone. And we adapt. That is what makes us unique.

I think one concept that has changed considerably – and in more than one way – is “travelling”. I think that travel is going to continue transforming into a new “normal”, and will do so for quite some time.

Travel is a big part of our industry in Africa. Our hunting and tourism industries rely on foreign visitors to come and experience what we have to offer in the southern part of the Dark Continent – just as much as we in Africa want to experience the beauty of Paris or Greece, skiing in the Alps and drinking a vodka in Saint Petersburg. We need that foreign capital injection in order for the industry to survive. The same is true for the tourism industry all over the globe. The fact that tourists are forced to stay away is what is hurting us the most at present.

On the positive side, there have been many hunters coming to Africa since the last quarter of 2020. Return clients comprise a large part of this number. Such a client knows what to expect, and he knows his outfitter on this side and trusts his judgement.

It may not be that easy for the first-time client coming here, and that is very normal. Several factors may play a part but I am not going to delve into this. The uncertainty relating to international travel protocols in view of Covid-19 is a big stumbling block when hunters need to make that final “yeah or nay” decision.

Covid-19 remains the one unpredictable factor that we cannot bypass. However, all in all, I think it is safe to say that if you book with a reputable outfitter the rest will be taken care off. These guys have been looking after clients like their own family and let me tell you this much, nothing has changed! On the contrary …

Most of Southern Africa has been blessed with higher than the normal amount of summer rains. The hunting fields look gorgeous and the animals are in good condition – as good as they ever will or can be. This is your time – your time to come and experience Africa the way it is meant to be experienced by you, the international hunter, seeking that adventure on the other side of the globe. It has been enjoyed by so many generations before us.

We looking forward to welcoming you! Please enjoy what Africa has to offer in this edition and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN SHOW, to ensure you do not miss out on any of our hunting adventures! ASM

Best regards
Stefan Fouché