The words of the country song Brand new man by American country legends, Brooks & Dunn, come to mind:
I saw the light, I’ve been baptized
By the fire in your touch and the flame in your eyes
I’m born to love again
I’m a brand new man!!

This is exactly how we feel here at AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE. During the past twelve months, we, our advertisers, our readers, friends and family have all gone through some of the toughest times in recent history. Some of us are not out of the woods yet, but one thing is for sure: it is now, more than ever, time to lift your head and get on with it. There is just no other option. The one thing that all sportsmen around the world have in common – whether you’re a hunter, fisherman or an outdoorsman seeking adventure and adrenalin – is that we do not go down swinging, and oh boy, swinging we are right now!

AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE is back for this eighth edition – but only in digital format. However, as things start to pick up again after the horrible COVID-19 worldwide screw-up, we are already working on the second issue for 2021, which will be available in hard copy again. We are proud to highlight a silver lining to the dark 2020 cloud, and that is that the readership of our magazine has gone up during all the different lockdowns enforced all over the world! The viewership of our YouTube channel has exploded and we now have more than 53 500 subscribers who are regularly watching our Africa’s Sportsman Show. The show has grown from a hobby to one of the leading hunting shows around the globe when it comes to hunting on the Dark Continent – no mean feat!

In our eighth edition we also focus on Botswana, with an informative article about this stunning hunting and fishing destination. The country is also well known for its photographic safaris. Apart from the focus on Botswana, the magazine is packed with other illuminating articles and advertisements from all over Southern Africa.

Thank you for choosing AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE as your hunting magazine of choice. We will keep bringing those adventures right into your living room! May 2021 be the year of hope and good fortune, and if you do travel, stay safe. And if you decide to come to Africa, we are sure you will not be disappointed! God Bless …

Stefan Fouché