First and foremost, a happy New Year, and may 2020 be filled with love, joy and blessings to all our friends, clients and valued readers!

We in Southern Africa, and especially South Africa, have experienced some of the most severe droughts recorded in modern history. In some areas the drought has been ongoing for more than a decade now. This has had a huge impact on wildlife, as well as agriculture. Without adequate rains habitats get stressed and stretched to the limit. Habitat loss is a reality, due mainly to the explosion and impact of the human population. All this adds to the enormous effect the drought has on the populations and welfare of animals in the wild.

However, since the start of the rainy season in September, we have been blessed in Southern Africa with some very welcome showers pouring down. Although some areas still need a lot of rain, the greater part of Southern Africa can breathe a bit more easily. With adequate rains, the habitat can start to recover and we can look forward to a great hunting season in 2020.

A big attraction at this time of the year, especially in January and February, is the number of hunting shows held all over the United States. Most of our AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE advertisers are in the States for the next few weeks or months, promoting their outfits to potential new clients and also visiting old friends made under African skies.

Getting new clients can be tough sometimes, especially when those clients have to trust a complete stranger with their hard-earned cash for their dream excursion. Meeting somebody in person at shows like this helps a great deal as one can get a better sense and understanding of your potential host. Also, it is remarkable how important returning clients are to most of the outfitters in Africa. This emphasises the truth of the well-known saying: Come as a client and leave as a friend! The hospitality of these outfitters is of such a high standard that most of the clients return to once again walk on the spoor of some of the Dark Continent’s most prized creatures.

In this issue we focus on Cameroon, a hidden gem in the heart of Central Africa, unexplored by so many of us. With some great contributions from friends and outfitters, we at AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE are able to bring the excitement of seldom-visited paradises like Cameroon to your living room, your office and your trophy room. Sit back and enjoy stories from not only Central Africa, but from all over our beloved continent – and thanks for making AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE your companion whilst dreaming of or planning that next adventure to Africa.

May you all have a great year hunting in 2020, wherever in the world that might be, and if you do come to Africa be sure to contact us. We are always willing to make space for great content, which our readers and outfitters wish to share with us.

Warm regards

Stefan Fouché