Stunning waterbuck hunted by Jacques Gresse at Otterskloof in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. He used a Blaser R8 in a .270 Win, shooting 150 gr Federal Fusion ammunition. The shooting distance was 350 m.

American client, Brayn Rendall, hunted this huge buffalo with WOW Africa in Zululand, KwaZulu-Natal. Rendall fired a Barnes TSX 300 gr bullet from his .375 H&H. The distance was 38 yards.

This massive Cape eland was harvested by Gert Goosen, together with Tienie Bamberger (right), owner of Warthog Safaris in South Africa’s Limpopo Province. Goosen used a .375 H&H with factory loaded PMP 300 gr bullets.

Eddie Rall used his Remington rifle in .308 Win to harvest this kudu bull near Gravelotte in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Black wildebeest hunted by an American client with Tony de Bruyn from Wild Wildebeest Safaris. The shooting distance was 187 yards and the client used a .300 Win Mag.

Professional hunter, André Roux, with a heavy-bossed Tanzania buffalo hunted by one of his clients.

Valie Enslin hunted this sable in SA’s Limpopo Province. He used a Sako in .30-06 Sprng, firing 165 gr Nosler Accubond bullets. The shooting distance was 100 m.

Charles D’Araujo hunted this sable bull with Tivan Safaris, close to Tom Burke in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. He used a Sauer 404 in .375 H&H, shooting 300 gr Norma Oryx ammunition at 80 m.

AJ van Rooyen with a very nice Cape eland bull hunted near Clocolan in the Free State Province of South Africa. He used his .470NE Verney Carron double rifle, shooting 500 gr Peregrine bullets. The distance was 105 m.

Poncho and Diane Hecht from the USA with a real dagga boy, hunted at 30 yards with a Ruger No.1 in a .458 Win Mag, shooting 500 gr Woodleigh Weldcore bullets. The hunt took place in the Kwando Core area, Caprivi, Namibia.