An old picture taken in 1982 of Dr Adrian de Villiers hunting the No 1 SCI white rhino with a handgun. That record still stands today. He used his .375 JDJ Thompson Contender for the hunt.

Piet Otto, PH and owner of Piet Otto Safaris, guided his client to take this fine elephant bull in Namibia. The client used a
.460 Weatherby.

South African hunter, Chrisjan Bakker, bagged this
male lion close to Zeerust in South Africa’s
Northwest Province. He used his Ruger African in
.416 Ruger, shooting 400 gr
Swift A-Frames. The shot was taken at 11 m.

Poncho Hecht from the USA with a big spotted hyena shot with his .375 H&H with 350 gr Woodleigh softs at approximately 50 yards. The hunt was in the Kwando Core area, Caprivi (Namibia) with PH and owner of Ndumo Safaris,
Karl Stumpfe.

Natasha Madel from Denmark hunted this giraffe with PH and owner of Choice Africa Safaris, Randy Westraadt,
in the Montague Private Nature Reserve
in South Africa.

Tony de Bruin, owner and PH of Wild Wildebeest Safaris,
guided Wisconsin client, Christopher, to take this
43″ gemsbok in the Northern Cape Province of
South Africa. He used a .300 Win Mag at 147 yards.

Sebastian Nel (left) hunted this big blue wildebeest near
Modimolle in the Limpopo Province. He used his dad,
Ronald’s, Sako 85 in a .260 Rem, shooting 120 gr
TSX bullets. The shooting distance was 110 m.

Brayn Rendall hunted in Zululand,
South Africa, with WOW Africa Safaris.
He took this beautiful kudu at a mere 28 yards
with his .300 Win Mag.

US client, Michelle Baise, hunted this very fine impala ram with PH Werner Koekemoer from Warthog Safaris in South Africa’s Limpopo Province.

American client, John Born, took down this old 43-inch buffalo bull with PH André Roux in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. He used his Dakota rifle in a .450 Watts, shooting 500 gr bullets. John is pictured here wearing Andre’s clothes as he ran out of his burning tent the previous evening in only his underwear, clutching his two rifles and some ammo. The whole camp burnt down due to a lightning strike!