By Stefan Fouché

What a journey the last year has been! Actually, it’s more than a year. Moreover, the road ahead is certainly not 100% clear.

UGANDA – The pearl of Africa

By André Wagner

Hunting has been prohibited for over
30 years in the Republic of Uganda, a country in east-central Africa. It has an area of 241 038 km², which is similar to that of the United Kingdom.

The Nile buffalo

By J Du P Bothma

The living buffaloes of Africa are all species of Syncerus, whose earliest fossils have been found in Omo in Ethiopia where they lived some 2,5 million years ago.

Monster kudu
in KwaZulu-Natal

By Stefan Fouché

I guess every hunter dreams of that once-in-a-lifetime kudu bull with the majestic set of horns, or the thick neck, or the humongous body.

Hunting Tanzania –
on the spoor of lion and buffalo

By Martin Müller

Tanzania – it is a word that sends chills down a hunter’s spine like no other.

Karamoja, Land of the Buffalo

By Tim Herald

The Karamoja region of northern Uganda may best be known for the elephant hunting exploits of WD “Karamojo” Bell and his famous writings.

Hunting the Tiny Ten ‒
The big small ones Part 9

By Laurence Jennings

In Part 9 we are still hunting in the “forest of shadows” in Mozambique, searching for the elusive Livingstone’s suni.

Where the Metal meets the Meat …

By Stefan Fouché

What is the most important piece of equipment you will use on your African safari to determine the success of the hunt?

a narrow window of opportunity!

By Doc Ellis

During last year’s worldwide Covid-19 lockdown, I stayed in close contact with Grant Taylor …

Pinch me!

By Dan Cantlon

I live in Fort St John in northern British Columbia, Canada. I have always been an outdoor enthusiast, who truly loves Mother Nature.

Snakes alive!

By Steve Tors

Encounters with slithering creatures in Namibia

What to pack in a survival kit

By Harding Bush

Any time you take yourself into the wilderness, you are encountering some level of a survival situation.

George Gibbs’s finest double rifle

By Cal Pappas

Ten years after first seeing this fabulous double rifle, it is now resting in my gun safe after the transit from Zimbabwe to Alaska. It was well worth the wait!

My African adventure | Part 2

By Oscar Haugen

As promised, I will now tell you more about my buffalo hunt in Mozambique, where I had to outsmart this dangerous animal on its own turf.


By Ron Thomson

In 1972, Shapi was a semi-permanent elephant and buffalo culling camp located right in the middle of Hwange National Park, in colonial Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).